How Efficient are LEDs?

The main advantage of LED lighting is that it uses less energy than any other lighting options currently available. LEDs, on average, are 80% efficient, meaning that 80% of the electrical energy is converted to light; the remaining 20% is lost to heat energy. Compare that to an incandescent bulb, which only operates at 5-10% efficiency, meaning 90-95% is lost as heat.

Translation, you're protecting the environment, saving energy, and saving money!



Protect the Environment

  • You are using less energy, therefore you are producing less green house gas emissions.

  • The long life of the bulbs means less trash, which means less landfill.

  • LEDs are 100% recyclable, containing no toxic metals, hazardous mercury or halogen gases.



Save Energy

  • LED fixtures use 50% less energy than CFL fixtures.

  • LED fixtures use 85% less energy than incandescent fixtures.

  • LED fixtures don't put off heat like other fixtures, which means less energy used for air conditioning.



Save Money

  • LED fixtures generally pay for themselves in less than two years (they have a life span of 20+ years).

  • Return on investment can easily be 10 times the initial cost of the product.

  • Minimal maintenance and a long life means significant savings over the life time of the product.

-Melanie Ormerod